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If the shoe is...............................

on the other foot is the unencumbered limb ready to be massaged?

If the shoe is...............................
think your trying to hard to be cleaver wi your answers mmmm
Reply:Yes, as long as it is the left one!

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Shoe inserts for heel pain?

My heels begin to hurt really bad when I%26#039;ve been standing/walking for a long time. I walk military style(old habit) meaning I roll my feet, heel to toe. So my heels tak a lot of my weight.

What are some good inserts for my boots? No Dr.Scholl%26#039;s massaging gel please, I used them already, they were a joke to my feet.

Shoe inserts for heel pain?
This sounds a lot like plantar fasciitis. It can be caused by many things; one of the names I%26#039;ve seen for it has something to do with the ways soldiers march. That is probably how you%26#039;ve received your injury since you say this is the way you walk.

Anyway, ice the area a couple of times a day or after activities like running. Put the ice in some water. You only want to have enough to cover the part that is hurting. Wear shoes with good arch support. You also want a shoe with a rocking heel. That keeps you from putting all your weight on your heels---takes the pressure off. Stretch our your achilles heel as well.

The pads can be bought at stores carrying foot products...they are heel lifts. If you can%26#039;t find one that works for you, then try seeing a podiatrist.

Hope you start feeling better soon!
Reply:Well, i really dont know what the answer is. I was gonna recommend dr scholls, but you said it doesnt help, so i really havent got a clue.

maybe you need some insolls, like really thick ones that are cushioned, or have certain parts that have more padding. Its dificult to try and advise you, because i dont know anything that would be good for you.

You can try and go to a shoe shop, and ask them, but to tell you the truth, i dont know.
Reply:I have the same problem. Sounds like you have a heel spur. Go to a podiatrist for a cortisone shot and some anti-inflammatory pills. It works like a charm. No more pain.
Reply:make sure/ you /do not /have /heel spurs /see /foot Dr


Need help its getting out of control?

I have been at my job for 7 months now and I love my job and everything that I do but, I have had a problem with the ONLY 2 employees that work in the office with me, they make it so obvious that they are having an affair. Both of them are married and his wife is even is friends with her! It really makes me uncomfortable and they have increasingly made all of this more obvious. The man in this affair and is my direct boss and her direct boss. Because of the affair she has free rein and can make any and all of the decisions. She goes and gets her hair and nails done during the day, can come in and out as she pleases and I just don’t see how this is fair to me when I feel like I work so hard but will never even get recognized because I am not sleeping with him.

It all became obvious to me when I noticed how well they knew each other and could tell me things that you normally wouldn’t hear coworkers knowing about each other such as, He (her talking about the boss) claims to have the softest lips ever and swears it’s because he doesn’t wear chap stick. One day the boss man asked the other woman if she would help him find a file upstairs in the storage. So they went out and closed the door and disappeared for 10mins returned with nothing in hand and she went straight to the bathroom. Next I walked by her office and glanced over to see him massaging her shoulders. He is always in her office and it doesn’t sound like they are talking sometime whispers. Another time I walked to my desk on a Monday morning and didn’t notice anything until she walked in the door (an Hour late) and asked what was on my wall. When I looked around there were two shoe prints. My legs are not long enough to touch the wall when sitting on my desk my feet are only a couple of inches from touching the wall. (She is way taller than I am) The fact that I didn’t notice but she did the sec. she walked in make me wonder. Today, to make a long story short, they began flirting while talking about something that I was going to purchase for the office. While in conversation with me they began talking about (exact words) “ (her)flavored paper towels, (him) a thing that slides into the other thing to make it work, (her) he can pin on the wall” , more was said it’s just too much to say.

Basically I just want to know what I can do to get this to stop. I do work for a big company (nationwide) but I know that we don’t have one person to go to for Ethics Issues. Also both of them have been there a while and I am the newbie and the fact that I am in a different “field” of the company. So they know everyone better than me and I don’t want to try to talk to someone at corporate that likes them and will tell them.

PLEASE HELP ME! I don’t know how to go about this and it is really affecting me.

Need help its getting out of control?
Go to the HR director (unless one of the two is the HR director) and tell him what you have seen.

Interoffice relationships can cost the company huge settlements in the event the relationship turns south and one decides to sue for sexual harrassment.

As a whistle blower, your life will be made hell. So do not do anything unless you are ready to leave. If things get bad for you, be sure to document EVERYTHING said or done to you (like used condoms placed in your desk drawer or other retaliatory actions). Do not assume your name will be left out of it.

If you are dismissed, unfairly, then you can sue the company. I would not do anything until you have received your annual review, that way you will be able to defend your actions from your boss if he retaliates against you personally.
Reply:Send an anonymous letter or phone call to their spouses. That should end things pretty quick.
Reply:It seems pointless to go on in this situation----like most jobs, which might be fun, the co-workers make it a nightmare.

For your own sake, I think you should quit and get out of this atmosphere----you need to be in a professional situation.

Start looking for another job, and get out....

You have only invested 7 months in this job----if the situation is this bad in this company, you don%26#039;t want to invest any more time in them. You have very little to lose, if you quit right now.
Reply:You aren%26#039;t going to be able to change this. You have two choices. Put up with it and keep the job or get a new job and quit this one.


What do you suppose is wrong with my cocker spaniel?

She loves to chase squirrels and play ball but I took her to play ball yesterday and after eagerly chasing down the ball, she put her tail between her legs and went straight back to the car (I have a hard time normally getting her to come back to the car). She now curls up in the shoe closet and can%26#039;t get up on the bed and I had to lift her into the car to go for a walk tonight. When she jumped out of the car, she squelled. She seems to labor going up and down stairs but does not favor any legs or anything. This is the 4th time this has happened in the past year and she seems OK after about a week (although last time it was more like 2). I have massaged all over her muscles and stomach and nothing seems to make her whimper. I assume she has been pulling a shoulder muscle or something?? Does this sound right? What do you think it is? Is there anything I can do? She seems pretty listless and in discomfort. Do you think it requires vet attention? Should I stop running her?

What do you suppose is wrong with my cocker spaniel?
yes she has a back injury Take her to the vet asap
Reply:there is somthing wrong big time take her to the vet NOW she needs to be looked at explaine everything to the vet and have the vet take a good look at her i know if my dog was acting like that i would pay anything to get her better. Good Luck to your dog and you.
Reply:I agree that this may be a back injury such as a pinched nerve or inflamed disc. She needs to be examined by the vet.
Reply:Yes it does need vet attention!....if she is crying %26amp; you dont know whats wrong!
Reply:You should have her checked by the vet she could have injured her spinal cord, or have had an injured spinal cord. I hope that all is well and that your dog gets better.
Reply:It seems that ur dog has an injury, it could be a muscle problem in the back or legs. Check the feet. My dog had a similar problem. If it is on asfalt or a rough turf for a while in will wear the bottoms of its feet away, in which a vet would advise u to rest it for a week or so. I would%26#039;ve said she was pregnant but u said it happened before.
Reply:It could be anything from a pulled muscle to arthritis or even and internal infection. Take her to the vet, they are the only ones who can tell you for sure what is wrong with her.
Reply:Have you checked her nails to be sure they weren%26#039;t torn? That could be quite painful. Might be a good idea to have her checked out at the vet just to be safe. Good luck.
Reply:Yes I do think this requires veterinary attention. The fact that the problem is reoccuring indicates that it is not going away and is therefore likely to be getting slowly worse.

I can%26#039;t make a diagnosis of course, but the words %26#039;cruciate ligament rupture%26#039; sprang to mind as I read your question. Going all quiet when exercising probably means she was in some pain - and squealing as she jumps out of the car is pretty classic. The cruciate ligament is in the dog%26#039;s stifle (back leg knee joint) and you would not be able to illicit a response from simple massage if the cruciate was in early stages of rupture - only a vet can detect this with the right manipulation. It%26#039;s only when the ligament is completely gone that the dog loses use of the leg and will be in pain to the touch.

Spinal problems are also likely if the location of the pain seems difficult to pin down and seems to occur at random times.

Do take the dog to the vet. You say she seems listless and discomfort - she does need to be seen. Don%26#039;t get in a panic, spinal problems may be manageable with meds, and cruciate ruptures are very common. She does definitely need a vet visit - this problem is only going to continue cropping up, and is only going to get worse without attention.

Reply:I would say take her to the vet it could be any thing from a number of problems or it may be nothing but it is best to get her looked over. Does she like chewing things? maybe she ate something she shouldn%26#039;t have and it is disagreeing with her or maybe like you said a pulled muscle good luck in finding out what is wrong.
Reply:Sounds like she got injured. Take her to a vet immediately.


Is he High maintenance?

He wears name brand causual clothes like Prada, Christian Dior, Dolce %26amp; gabbana all the time.. Same brands for colognes!! He gets chemical facial peels from time to time, he always brushing and putting grease in his hair... He has all truck load of skin products.. He wants to eat at expensive 3-5 star resturants all the time.. His favorite shoe is Prada, he looks down on people who does not have a six figure salary or a decent career.. He goes to get massages frequently, he is very very straight so dont worry!!! no gay ways at all... but is this considered a high maintenance man?

Is he High maintenance?

Just a man that likes to take care of himself :)
Reply:TOOOOOOOO High Maintenance
Reply:yes, very much so !!! lol I hope this isn%26#039;t your man !!!
Reply:yes, he is and RUN..... high maintenance men would expect things and not return the %26quot; favor%26quot; .....
Reply:YES he is. Stay with him if you think you can put up with least you know he%26#039;ll always look and smell good!
Reply:sounds very artificial and vain to me.
Reply:Not only high-maintenance, but he sounds snotty, egotistical, rude, obnoxious, and not worth wasting time on.
Reply:yes dont be his b/f ( he will break ur heart ) but he sounds like a Fabulous friend .. shopping buddy he knows whats up in fashion he knows the great stores and resturants and you can go get messages and facial 2gether
Reply:well just a tad it seems like he is very selfish and very self absorbed
Reply:if you love him and he%26#039;s good to you why would you leave..?
Reply:I dont think it is a bad thing to take care of your physical self, but if you are looking down at people that do not make as much money as you, that is a bad sign. He probably wants you to look like a 10 24/7?

More importantly than he being a high maintenance man, do YOU want to spend your life with someone that may be morally bankrupt. Just saying. :)
Reply:um..................kinda is he ur boyfriend
Reply:He sounds metro; he practices gay habits but he%26#039;s straight. So yes, high maintenance.


Growing pains?

Hello everyone. I have a 3 1/2 year old son! He complains of his feet hurting at least once every two weeks! This only happens at night time when he is sleeping! At first I thought...%26quot;Maybe his feet fell asleep.%26quot; But I do not think that is the case! The only thing that relieves the pain is Motron and massaging his feet!

Has anyone experienced this with their children? Any ideas of the cause?

I should Include that he wears a size 12 his feet are not huge but not little!

Growing pains?
my son is almost three and already has them, when I bring it up to the doctor they tell me he is too young for growing pains what ever, I talked to my parents and found out that I started having growing pains around my sons age and I remember them until I was like 12 or 13 they would bother me do what you feel is best, the other thing I found to help is on the really rough nights that he can%26#039;t sleep and Motrin and massage aren%26#039;t working put him in a warm bath that helps ease the aches.
Reply:Is it in the same place He might have a pin stuck in it, if it%26#039;s that it would be hard to see but it would be in one area, the pain or an ingrown toe nail take a closer look
Reply:My daughter had those same aches - We have spent many nights with her laying between my husband I - I was rubbing one foot - he had the other.
Reply:It is common for children of this age to complain of pain in the legs. If he is active and playing there is no need to worry. Just massaging will do.


What is the best way to get a manufactor for my invention?

I have an invention with a pending patent for a small electrical appliance called “The Foot Fixer%26quot;. It’s a hand held device (or can be put in a stand for hands free use) used to remove the hard skin build-up (no more rough, cracked heals), smoothing out coins and calluses to relieve the pressure of them rubbing against your shoe hurting your feet. The greatest benefit is that it will eliminate the frequent use of expensive, messy foot creams (these chemicals are absorbed into the body through the skin and are toxic). It will also prevent putting cuts in your feet (a source of infection) from trying to remove corns and calluses with bladed instruments. The %26quot;Foot Fixer%26quot; is small and compact for easy storing and packing. “The Foot Fixer” removes dead skin, massages the feet and increases circulation all with one motion.

What is the best way to get a manufactor for my invention?
Associations may be a good avenue to explore. These organizations will address many of the thoughts, questions and concerns you%26#039;ll inevitably have as well as many you haven%26#039;t anticipated yet. See the source box for some relevant links.

Hope that helps! I wish you much success %26amp; happiness in all your ventures!
Reply:weird... foot fetish?

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